Machine Learning For High School Students

(A journey for dummies into logical thinking)

Students from high school are very fascinated by machine learning and artificial intelligence. But the most of the time, they get confused by misinterpretation and misleading ideas about machine learning which is spread through our media. Today we will explain the simplest form of machine learning to eradicate confusions and will enable the student to get started with machine learning.

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When it comes to debugging and giving user interface to your lovely embedded projects, it’s not easy to interface a display with satisfactory result. Most of the available LCDs in the market either costly (costing 5$ – 100 $) or bearing a low refresh rate or bulky or not user-friendly or doesn’t have the proper DPI to show the convenient picture to operate your project and desired device. So, In this tutorial, we will give our projects a premiere look with NOKIA’s tiny and premiere looking 5100 LCD. So, tighten your seatbelt and let’s jump into it.

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