So you’ve decided to pay your bills by coding? Well, you better be prepared.
You (my youngerself) have guts I’d say.

This is one fine morning while the whole world is seeing numerous deaths due to COVID-19, everyday than new node modules being pushed to npm.

The world you see from colleges, Unis and academia, does not match truly in the scenario.
You need to push codes every now and then. you are literally lured by the fancy buzzwords,
constantly being questioned to check your existence. You literally become BTV and no one cares.

See, This is negativity. Don’t be a part of it. Let node modules be published and pushed in npm.
There is nothing wrong. We are cool.

Enough with the intro, let’s get to some serious talk.

Industry VS Academia

They are totally opposite in purpose. What you actually learned from your academia, it’s good if you can relate to your work.
If you can’t, then you are most likely not in the first place you were expecting to. But it’s okay. It takes time to get used to it. In industry you don’t need to know everything, but you have to sort out how to make things done while you are upto something. That is something that builds your professionalism. You need to respect some key points here.

  • Deadlines.
  • Business Value.
  • ROI( Return On Investment)

Let’s talk about them little later.

Code a Lot, A LOT…

While you are in colleges and Unis, Try to code a lot. It builds a good habit of reasoning. Make mistakes, no problem. May be you get it done after your nth effort, by
the time you’ve adopted to code by yourself, you have less to worry about while you are working
on implementing business solutions. Build something from scratch. Do more personal projects. They
will perfect your understandings, mould your thinking and this will surely leverage when you join any

Watch others Code

You can not write good code, while you don’t know any. It is obligatory that you need to write working code for your team, but it does not make you more mature code writer. Coding is an art. Live to be an artist. The best possible place to start to watch code it to look up on Look for the opensource projects, look how people write codes. Easy tips.

  • If you are a Java Dev, Google for awesome Java, you will end up getting a collection of all awesome repositories.
  • Same is true for PythonJavaScriptReact NativeAngula and other major languages and frameworks.

Version Control

No other stuffs. Learn Git. You can save several headaches just by using it. There are many options for hosting your projects. Choose them. At least make some projects open, you know the resume stuffs, right?

Building From Scratch

Do it

There are tools that you use very often. Try to mimic them. Try to build them from scratch. Not every one is comfortable with that. You might face !encouragements or !good words, but you have to learn.

Don’t Do It

Testing your pet projects seem good. But do not use those for business crical solutions. Just Don’t

Hate Old Projects?

You might be working with too damn old projects at least once in your lifetime. It is completely normal. People from nineties still get to breath, so why not these projects? Old code bases are business tested, they are earning revenews more than your immature pet does. You have to feel compassionate towards those. Read this article by Joel Spolsky on Legacy Code here.

End Notes

  • Only Intrinsic Motivations Last.
  • It is not easy to code 6X8 sitting on a chair, starring at an LED, where a cursor is beeping. Try to find out what makes these things to remain easy.
  • Don’t settle too early, don’t delay either. Remember, time is the luxury we can not afford.
  • C’est La Vie.
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