Hello there !

From the “Software Team” of “Rokomari.com”, We would like to welcome you to our wonderful journey with “Rokomari” and its technology behind it and will introduce you to our learning journey and processes we follow. You will most likely find all our stranded situations and joyous solution to the problem through the keen observation and learning and maybe too much cursing. 🙂

But we want to show the world how we grow, develop as technology enthusiasts,explorers and most importantly want to share what we learn and

use it in our situation.


“Rokomari.Com” is our main project. Our companies name is “Onnorokom Web Services Limited” or “OWSL” and “Rokomari.com” is an E-Commerce project by which we sell books. Books, we chose because we love it and we believe that sharing knowledge is the most powerful thing we can do to the society.

You can learn more about our vision from https://rokomari.com.

Finally, I hope we will be able to share our journey which will help with your journey in this fluid technological era.

Best of luck to us and you !

Note: We launched at 2018-02-11_11-08.

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Fahad Ahammed is a System Administrator and DevOps in Software Department of OWSL. As a Linux enthusiast he breathes in server consoles or terminals. You can have a look to his website here: https://fahadahammed.com

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